Reviews on The Addams Family (The Addams Family)

There is not too much to say about The Addams Family , as the poster clearly states that it will be a seasonal cartoon hit right on Halloween with celebrities like Witches, Frankenstein, Dracula, Robert Chen and so on.

Surely everyone understands this is a movie for children and bold entertainment. This is both true and false when the Addams Family, in addition to laughter for children, is a film that promotes subtlety in a subtle and inspiring way, if a movie called “feminism” is found. In my opinion, the Addams Family is an extremely well made film.

Family Addams

The content of a cartoon and the pictorial characters
The Addams Family is an animated film adaptation of the 1991 Family Film Addams (And the original from 1884) with famous horror characters in a strange family. The novelty of this version is when the Addams Family comes to the modern world, learn how to integrate and welcome the world out there after thousands of years of change.

Like Hotel Transylvania the film knows how to highlight the wit that comes from the differences of each Addams Family member. Indeed, the content of the movie is quite simple for children to watch and can easily understand the movie as well as laugh at other people’s actions in this family. At the content point, the film was fine and fitted with a simple animated movie for children and adults to feel comfortable with.

Cute pictures suitable for the little ones
Surely many of you will mistake this movie for Hotel Transylvania because the images of the two films have many similarities as well as the characters both fit on the cute horror characters.

This will be boring for adults who will love and welcome each member of the Addams Family. The whole film was created with cute and cute drawings that are suitable for leading the children to see.

Family Music Addams peak of the peak
One thing that everyone in the theater has to recognize is that the songs in the movie are very good. The filmmaker has chosen to combine the old and new songs to integrate very well (Like Guardians of the Galaxy).

The list of songs in the movie includes all the impressive songs, even with the very own style of the film. In addition, because the papaya leaf Snoop Dogg participates in the music of the movie, many of the clips have very good style.

Family Addams

What is beyond expectations
With the mind of watching a children’s movie to laugh, I was completely surprised by the message of “human rights” of the film. There will be no more meaningful human rights message than to express the equal rights of “non-human” people.

After all, the Addams Family are just weirdos with different ways of thinking and ways of life, because of that difference they are considered monsters. It is the film that has built up good messages about not being able to force others to be like themselves, messages about “plastic” for thousands of years.

And the most impressive thing is the “feminist” message of the film, not just for a female to occupy the spotlight will create feminism. Feminism is the right to live according to a woman’s preference without any scale or judgment, feminism is when a female character becomes anyone she wants to be respected by women. when that girl is strong and plays an important role in a movie.

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The character Wednesday, voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz, represents a “feminist” standard character that I understand. A girl who does everything she wants without being bound by anything that is a real “feminist” from her personal perspective.

To sum up the Family of Addams is a pretty good cartoon this Halloween. You can safely take children to see this movie and when you leave, both adults and children will have fun when they step out of the theater.

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